What is Green Intelligence?

We believe that a sustainable future is possible with the effective use of digital transformation. Thus, by supporting digital transformation investments that guarantee sustainability for entities, we contribute to their transformation into more resilient and sustainable organizations open to value-sharing thanks to the products and solutions we produce with new-generation technologies. For us, sustainability is 'the ability to be long-lasting', aiming for 'better' performance, and so we move forwards placing sustainability at the core of our strategy.

With green intelligence, we focus on sustainability goals and offer tailored solutions in the cloud, security, IoT, analytics, and artificial intelligence arenas. Also, with our Digital Solutions, we develop sectoral and customer-specific products and solutions, emphasizing all along the importance of providing digital solutions that are less harmful to the environment, energy smart, use natural resources more efficiently, and adopt a circular economy approach. By embracing people-oriented working principles, we strive so that the business world has a skilled workforce.

Our Manifest

At KoçSistem, we believe that Green Intelligence technologies are the power that will gradually improve our planet.

We believe that the technology will inevitably assume the leading role in the concrete steps further ahead with an increase in understanding and awareness of sustainability.

Seeing through a global lens, the entire KoçSistem Family is committed to progressing with a keen focus on "climate" and "technology", and developing solutions surrounding the cloud, security, IoT, and analytical dimensions of digital transformation in such a way that will benefit our environment, community, business, customers, business partners, and all our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Approach | 4 Main Technologies

Internet of Things

For sustainable production and energy efficiency with digital twins and real-time performance analysis

Advanced Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence

For equipment sustainability and supply chain optimizations with forecasting models

Cyber Security

To prevent interruptions,
build confidence in twin transition technologies, and sustainability of all systems with digital immunity

Cloud Computing

For transforming processes and ensuring
the efficiency of shared resources

Digital Solutions

Green Intelligence Sustainability Model Building Blocks

Sustainability for the Environment

Sustainability is one of the foremost priorities for KoçSistem. In this context, we carry out activities to ensure sustainability in many areas, ranging from ensuring water and energy efficiency on our campus to waste management, recycling, and other environmental policies.

We pay close attention to trade with sustainability-oriented suppliers in the supply of our products and make sure that employees receive training that will increase their awareness of corporate sustainability We recurrently assess our carbon footprint by observing local and global standards, prepare reports on our sustainability activities and performance indicators, submit them to the relevant stakeholders, and carefully follow up on the relevant criteria to obtain the necessary licenses and certificates.

While minimizing our paper use with paperless office practices, we also set up energy and environment-related committees and display our overall work with ISO certificates.

We keep abreast of all trends, developments, policies, and practices that surround our environment and sustainability at local and global scales and continue our efforts to implement them on our campus.

Success Stories

We develop products and solutions to contribute to the sustainability goals of our stakeholders.

Entek | HEPP Commissioning / Decommissioning with Artificial Intelligence

At KoçDigital, we continue to contribute to a sustainable future with our "HEPP Commissioning and Decommissioning with Artificial Intelligence" project that we carry out with our customer Entek.

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